Feedback & suggestions

Let us know what you love, what you like and what's not floating your boat. Tell us about anything you'd like to see inside Total Choir Resources.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Christine and Victoria

I've been a member here for several months now, having been asked rather out of the blue if I'd be willing to run a community choir. I was up for the challenge but, to be honest, had little idea of how to do it well. This website and the resources here have allowed me to make it without too much faking it from the off, so much detail and dedication gone into this. Victoria and Christine, I cannot thank you both enough for your excellent work! 

Saturday emails

Hello Christine and Victoria - I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your Saturday emails, always relevant, helpful and encouraging. Thank you.


Sharing Resources and Repertoire Ideas

Today is the first day I've had the time to explore the new site and I've found it very slick.  

I'd welcome an area where members could share their recommendations for songs which have worked particularly well (organised by parts eg SSA) or even a place where members could upload their own arrangements of songs which are out of copyright for other members to use.  

Please give this some consideration.  Many thanks.