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Workshop charge?

Although I've been running my choirs for several years now, I'm getting out of my comfort zone and have decided to run a 2 hour a cappella singing workshop! I wondered if anyone had advice about what to charge?  The venue costs will be about £75 and I may have some poster/flyer costs on top.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Christine and Victoria

I've been a member here for several months now, having been asked rather out of the blue if I'd be willing to run a community choir. I was up for the challenge but, to be honest, had little idea of how to do it well. This website and the resources here have allowed me to make it without too much faking it from the off, so much detail and dedication gone into this. Victoria and Christine, I cannot thank you both enough for your excellent work! 

ideas for songs

Hello everyone, I have just registered on this site. I am looking for ideas for nice songs to sing because I am going to start a choir in my school. It is for children from 5 to 12 years old. I am a professional musician but I don't know nothing about choir. Does anyone have any ideas to share?

Making Music

Thinking of joining the organization Making Music - can anyone tell me their experiences? is it worthwhile? Hope it would make things straightforward when planning any sort of choir event.

Happy New Year!


1st gig

We did our first gig last night.Very exciting, it went well can't wait for them to perform again,3 audience members showed an interest in joining in January.I am very happy.

Audio recordings

Some of my community choir have requested that an audio recording is made of our concert next week. This is purely for our own use, to share on our WhatsApp group, so that we can hear what we sound like as a choir and hopefully learn from it. Can anyone help me with the legalities of making an audio recording (without filming)? Do I need to have all the singers' permission? What about copyright for the pieces we are singing? 

Any help welcome!

Thank you very much.


Copyright Connundrum

We've been asked to sing a song from a recently-released movie at a ticketed concert.  The organisers have sent us scores which they have arranged themselves and, when I asked if they had the correct permissions in place, responded that 'we don't need permission to arrange it as it's covered under the PRS for live performance'.  

This does not chime with my understanding of the situation (perhaps I am overly cautious?) and I would welcome your guidance.  Thank you