Course Summary

The Choir Leader Roadmap

Welcome to the Choir Leader Roadmap. The purpose of this roadmap is to guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a successful, rewarding career as a choir leader. Work your way through the roadmap, taking the core training course for each stage.


You know how fantastic you feel when you sing with a group and you want to bring that joy, inspiration and reward to others. But how? How could you find the skill and confidence to lead a choir? This is your starting point on an amazing journey of discovery, both for you and the singers you will lead.

You’re completely new to leading a choir. You might be an experienced musician, but you’ve never led a choir before. You have no conducting training and you’re unsure how to choose, prepare and teach music for a group. You’re passionate about the idea of bringing the joy and rewards of singing to other people, but you’re not sure how to get started. 

You need CLARITY about what to do, what to learn and in what order. This core training will give you a clear path to build the basic skills of a choir leader.


You have some experience of leading a choir and you love helping people to reap the immense benefits of singing as a group. But you feel that you still have a lot to learn. 

You get frustrated that you’re not always able to give the choir the help they need. Perhaps you have singers with particular issues or challenges and you struggle to find ways to overcome those when you’re working with a group. Perhaps you feel out of control in rehearsals and you’re unsure how to make progress without boring people, and get music ready for performance at the right time. 

You need CONFIDENCE that you’re on the right track, and guidance to help you develop your skills. This core training will give you a step by step path to assess your strengths and overcome challenges.


You feel confident leading your choir and you get good results and feedback. 

Your challenge is fitting all the work in around your day job, or scaling your choir business without burning out. You sometimes feel that your work/life balance is off; the choir is eating up too much of your free time. 

You need COORDINATION – streamlined systems and ways of working that allow you to do the job you love and value while still ensuring that you have time for friends, family and other commitments. This core training will give you tools, advice and templates to organise your choir-leading life and get the most enjoyment and reward from doing the job you love.


You’ve got this choir leading thing down! 

You love what you’re doing and you don’t feel overwhelmed by the tasks you face. You have systems in place that allow you to manage your choir-leading life effectively and easily. When challenges arise, you deal with them professionally and competently. Problems or complaints from within the choir don’t make you feel personally attacked or undermined – you’re confident and content in your role. But leading a choir can be lonely and it’s always lots of hard work. 

You need CONNECTION – consistent inspiration and community to keep you on track. This core training will give you ideas for your rehearsals and performances, a community to bounce ideas off, and the opportunity to share your experience and expertise to help new and developing choir leaders.